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Why we love Shopify.

In case you didn’t know, Create + Deploy are certified Shopify Partners.

So we suppose it’ll come as no great surprise that we’re big fans of what we reckon is the ideal, one-stop-shop solution for anyone engaging in e-commerce design in hertfordshire, whether you’re a sole trader just starting up or an established, enterprise level merchant.

Shopify Agency Hertford

But why, you might ask, do we love Shopify in particular?

> Because it’s easy to use
Well the short answer is that it’s just so user-friendly – for you as well as for us, your trusty Shopify website designers! Unlike platforms you host yourself there’s no faffing about with servers or daunting development costs. On the contrary, once we’ve got your Shopify site set up, you, your staff and your customers will find it amazingly easy, fast-loading and intuitive to use (the admin interface is clearly laid out and impressively logical with loads of user help a click away on the Shopify website).

> Because we trust it
We often find that clients who are new to e-commerce (and even some of the old hands) are nervous about the responsibility they’re taking on for all that sensitive customer data – such as credit card details for instance – not to mention all the legal implications and accreditations associated with that. And here we find that Shopify offers real assurance. Firstly because the whole thing’s hosted for you it’s completely secure – and it looks after all the vital issues, such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and SSL certificates for you. What’s more, it takes care of all your maintenance and software updates and even handles sudden shopping surges, so it keeps your customers happy – which is the main thing, after all!

> Because it’s always bang up to date
With Shopify you can be confident your shop is future proof, with fabulously responsive functionality across all platforms – especially mobiles. Your Shopify site comes with a mobile shopping cart built in so your customers can shop anytime, anywhere.

> Because of all its Apps
As well as free iPhone and Android apps that let you manage your store on your phone and excellent POS (Point of sale) solutions, you can choose from more than 1500 apps that add all sorts of functionality from loyalty programmes and wishlists to email marketing, accounting and shipping software integration and lots more.

> Because it lets us make your store unique to you
As you know, branding is at the heart of what we do at Create + Deploy – so there’s no way we’d work with anything that didn’t give us complete freedom to create your online store ‘in your image’. And that’s exactly what we get – not just from the excellent mobile-responsive themes in the Shopify Theme Store but also from many more flexible frameworks elsewhere on the web. The great thing is that they’re just the starting point from which we edit the code and craft a new thing of beauty that’s yours and yours alone!

> Because it has powerful APIs and ‘Liquid’ codebase
Shopify offers a wide range of APIs to provide functionality at every stage of a store’s operation, and coupled with it’s liquid template language allows for advanced bespoke store functionality and integrations with external systems such as CRMs, stock control or pretty much anything else you can think of.

> Because it helps us do what we do best too
Obviously we’re the experts. And when it comes to maximising your site’s impact and reach it’s a bonus to be working with a platform offering seriously effective SEO features and sophisticated analytics that help us hone and refine your offering.

> Finally because, like us, it’s all about customer service
This just might be our favourite thing about Shopify. We feel like we’re working with kindred spirits on this platform because, like us, it’s all about customer support. So our clients get what you might call a ‘double whammy’ with 24/7 back-up on the phone, email or webchat from Shopify AND all our team on hand any time you need us.


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